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Permit Area Parking


As of Monday, July 6, 2020, Takoma Park Police Department’s Neighborhood Services team has returned to work.

Parking Enforcement:  For the week of July 6, only serious parking violations will be enforced, i.e., parking near fire hydrants, in fire lanes, in handicap spaces and/or blocking a driveway.  Warnings will be issued for all other violations.  Beginning Monday, July 13, citations will be issued for all parking violations.

Parking Permits:  Residents with expired residential permits will still have the extension to renew their permits no later than August 31 and will not be cited for expired permits.  However, beginning Monday, July 13, if a vehicle does not have a permit at all and is in violation of residential permit parking restrictions, a citation will be issued.

Residents may resume renewing their permits in person at the Takoma Park Police Department on Monday, July 6.

If you have any questions, please contact parking enforcement at 301-891-7112.

Code Enforcement will begin by following up on open cases from violations that were noted prior to the pandemic. They will respond to complaints that come in, as well as conduct inspections on properties where violations are noticed. Their procedure for violations is to first issue a courtesy notice, advising of the violation noted and giving the owner 7-10 days to correct the violation. After that, if the violation hasn’t been corrected, a Notice of Violation is issued. This is a more formal warning giving the owner 30 days to correct any issues before a citation is issued. The goal of Code Enforcement is compliance and the correction of any violations. Code Enforcement personnel will make every effort to work with property owners to see that any violations are fixed. In most cases, the issuance of a citation is a last resort.

Code Enforcement is also involved in educational activities, such as Safe Grow, Anti-Litter Initiatives and educating the public and businesses about the plastic bag, polystyrene and plastic straw and stirrer bans.


Parking Permits

The Takoma Park Police Department is responsible for issuing parking permits for the City of Takoma Park. Permits are required for designated permit parking areas of the City of Takoma Park.

Parking Permit Costs

  • $12.50* One-year permit
  • $20.00* Two-year permit

*NOTE: All permits have a $1.00 Mailing & handling charge.

Parking Permit Instructions & Information

  • Parking permits for designated permit parking areas expire on June 30.
  • Permits by mail are for residences only, with a $1 charge for mailing and handling.
  • Residents should complete application form and return with payment to the Takoma Park Police Department. Photocopies of the current vehicle registration card for each vehicle and a driver’s license for at least one owner must be submitted with the form. Attachments must show a current Takoma Park address in the requested permit area. Include a day and evening phone number.
  • A decal and year sticker for each registered vehicle will be mailed back within three business days of receipt. Two visitor parking permits will be included for each address.
  • Business in the permit areas should submit the names of employees on company letterhead with their request. Not more than three employee permits are allowed. A home-based business must show evidence of a currently operating business which is current on payment of personal property taxes.

Map of Restricted Parking in Takoma Park

This map details parking restrictions in residential and commercial areas. Enter the address you are visiting in the search bar to see if it falls in an area with on-street residential parking permit requirements or parking meters.




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