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Tree Care

Trees require adequate water, healthy soil, and sufficient sunlight to remain vigorous.  Insect, disease, and vine infestations can injure and kill trees that would otherwise have remained healthy.  Awareness of the best practices for tree care and the potential problems a tree may face  is essential in maintaining a strong and long-lived tree.

Always remember that tree health starts at the roots and that maintaining a healthy soil environment and sufficient water during times of drought can help ensure that a tree is able to fend off any potential pest or disease problems.

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The Basic Tree Care section describes the watering, mulching, and pruning needs for both young and matures trees. This section also describes how to build healthy soil.

The Tree Pests and Diseases of Particular Concern section includes information on some of the more common high-concern tree pests & diseases found in Takoma Park.

The Vines and Trees section covers why invasive vines pose a threat to trees and what you can do about it.



Tree Care Sections