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Vegetation Maintenance

About the Vegetation Maintenance Division

The Vegetation Maintenance division maintains the City’s public gardens, planted streetscapes, and stormwater bioretention facilities to add to Takoma Park’s neighborhoods’ beauty and enhanced environment.

Division Objectives
  • Provide maintenance of public spaces and Rights of Way as needed, including plant care, mowing, invasive plant management, and litter pick up.
  • Perform garden and turf management using the principles of Integrated Pest Management and Ecological Horticulture.
  • Renovate City garden and landscape areas as needed.
  • Maintain existing garden and landscaped areas, including those related to stormwater treatment.
  • Provide mowing Services for all turf on City-owned spaces from spring through fall.
  • Provide snow and ice removal on sidewalks along City-owned facilities and parks after winter storm events.
Initiatives & Projects

Circle Woods Restoration Project Coming
Takoma Park is excited to have been the recipient of a grant from PEPCO to perform environmental improvements in the Circle Woods property. Circle Woods is located in Ward 2 with pedestrian entrances in the 6600 block of Cockerille Avenue and 6700
Poplar Avenue. The city acquired the property in 1995 with the goal of preserving the floodplain from development.

Read the article in its entirety on Page 3:  Circle Woods Restoration Project Coming

Electrification of Mowing Equipment

Instead of replacing the aging zero-turn mower with more gas-powered equipment, we switched to an electric mower and purchased a commercial-grade electric weedwhacker. Besides reducing our gasoline use, significantly reduced idle sound is another benefit of electric mowing equipment. As funds allow, we will continue our conversion to electric equipment over the next couple of years.

Staff using electric weedwhacker.

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