2024 City Election for Mayor & Council

Takoma Park Elections Will Take Place on Tuesday, November 5, 2024

Library Renovations Update: Water Utility Work to Begin Monday, July 8, 2024 - Parking Impacts

The scheduling of demolition and construction timelines are pending weather.

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Parks, Pavilions & Athletic Fields

Enjoy the natural beauty of a local park, the action of a softball game, or a family gathering in one of Takoma Park’s pavilions!

The City of Takoma Park is not able to ensure that the surfaces at shelters and playgrounds can be kept sanitized nor keep children from playing closely together on the equipment. In our parks, as in every other place, good social distancing and other health practices should be followed.

9:00 AM – Dusk

Other Parks in Takoma Park

For information regarding Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Parks in Takoma Park please visit the Montgomery Parks website.

Pavilion Permits

Permits for various events and activities held in public parks throughout the city are required. Contact the Recreation Department at 301-891-7290 or recreation@takomaparkmd.gov before conducting business on park property. For more information about a particular park, look below or get the information in the current City Guide.


Click on the pictograph to check out the amenities in the various City parks!



Click here to view Let’s Play America’s Playground Guide.

Quick Links

Check Availability & Request Rentals Online

To check for availability or to reserve a pavilion/shelter/room for your next event please visit us on ActiveNet.

Permits are only issued 3 months in advance of the event date. Department of Recreation events and programming takes precedence in scheduling. Rentals are not available on days the City is closed for business. Reservations can not be made within 10 days of the rental date.

Rental Requests & Policies

The Rental Requests page has detailed information on rental procedures and what is needed when renting a Takoma Park facility.

Review  Administrative Regulation No. 2011-1 for regulations governing public use, facilities rentals and general responsibilities of the user. The regulations does not reflect the current price (please verify in the latest City Guide or on ActiveNet).

Rental rooms, pavilions and accompanying amenities are not sanitized by City staff between uses.  Please follow current County COVID protocols and be sure to bring hand sanitizer.

Park Usage Fees

Pavilion Rental Rates
  • Resident: $105 per day
  • Non-resident: $125 per day
  • New fees effective Sept. 1, 2022

Event Permits Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to apply for a park permit for my event?

Yes. Parks are permitted on a per day basis. Reservations must be at least 10 days prior to rental date for online reservations. All fees must be paid in full before a permit will be issued.  Bring the permit to your event.

How do I request a pavilion for my event?

At this time reservations can only be made online.

For pavilion requests online visit ActiveNet.

How much will my event cost?

Park usage fees are available on this page.

What happens if inclement weather happens during my event?

Permits are honored rain or shine.

Are moonbouces permitted?

No, moonbounces are not permitted on public City property.

Can I sell merchandise at a park?

Sales of merchandise is prohibited on all City property outside of scheduled City events.

What about set-up and clean-up times?

Both set-up and clean-up times should be included in your rental requested times.

Request a Pavilion/Room Online

You can request rentals and register for camps, classes online via Takoma Park's through ActiveNet.

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Register online with Takoma Park's ActiveNet.

Recreation Sections


The City Guide is Here!

Learn about Circle Time, sign up for a class, or find out about family friendly events... it's all in the City Guide!

Click here to view the most recent City Guide

Inclement Weather Line

Bad weather? Call the The Recreation Department’s Inclement Weather Line to check for weather closure information.

Call 301-891-7101 ext. 5605 to check for program cancellations due to weather.

Call The Inclement Weather Line