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Takoma Junction Redevelopment

Following a solicitation and evaluation process, the City Council selected Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) to redevelop the Takoma Junction City-owned parking lot. The Development Agreement (2016) establishes the framework for the project. On July 25, 2018, the City Council endorsed NDC’s Draft Combined Plan, adopting Resolution 2018-41 authorizing the firm to proceed to the next phase of the development process.

The City’s goals are for the project to act as a stimulus to the commercial district and locally-owned,  independent businesses; improve the aesthetic appeal of the district; and be contextually sensitive and environmentally sustainable.

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Current Status

Takoma Junction Development Review

August 17, 2020
Takoma Junction Project Next Steps –  Blog

July 20, 2020 

As part of the ongoing development review process, Neighborhood Development Company has resubmitted materials to Montgomery Planning in response to comments received from reviewing agencies and with additional detail regarding the rear elevation and materials. The resubmission documents are  posted on the Montgomery County Development Activity Information Center:

Montgomery Planning Development Review process:
When an applicant resubmits materials to the Montgomery Planning department, staff generally complete their reviews in about two weeks. If issues raised at the Development Review Committee have not been satisfactorily addressed, or if a new issue comes to light, there may need to be additional rounds of review in an iterative process.

The Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission will review the plans again after the Planning Board hearing when the Neighborhood Development Company submits for the Historic Area Work Permit.

October 23, 2019

NDC had a Preliminary Consultation with the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission on October 23, 2019. HPC  agenda item documents are posted on the County site. UPDATED with Staff Report.

August 14, 2019

NDC had a preliminary consultation with the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission meeting on August 14, 2019.  HPC agenda item documents are posted on the County site.

May 21, 2019

NDC had a preliminary consultation with the Montgomery County Historic Preservation Commission meeting on May 21, 2019.  HPC agenda item documents are posted on the County Development site.

March 20, 2019 – Council Meeting

Council held a work session with NDC to discuss the changes in the plan and the Montgomery County Development Review Committee meeting on March 19, 2019. AgendaVideo of Council Meeting.

March 19, 2019

The Montgomery County Development Review Committee (DRC) met with Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) representatives to discuss County and other agency staff comments on the proposed site plan and preliminary plan for the Takoma Junction development project.

The County’s Department of Transportation and the Maryland State Highway Administration (SHA) stated that review of the transportation elements of the project will be delayed until after the SHA’s Vision project of the Junction intersection is completed this fall, thus delaying the project.

March 1, 2019

Takoma Park City Council members, City staff, and NDC representatives began a regular conference call on March 1, 2019, to share updates and ask questions. Notes from the calls are available on the Takoma Junction Development Review webpage.

February 19, 2019

NDC has submitted a corrected letter to the City Council providing updated information on the status of their project. Because efforts to obtain transferable development rights (TDRs) to allow for the originally-proposed size of the building did not materialize, NDC is now proposing a building with a smaller footprint. This smaller plan maintains the important front building line but removes square footage from the rear of the building.

At this time, the combined preliminary plan/site plan is being reviewed by the staff of the member agencies and departments of the Development Review Committee (DRC). The DRC is scheduled to discuss the plan at its March 19th meeting. The comments/questions that arise from this meeting will provide important information to the City Council as it considers the revised plan. Takoma Park staff will review the plan and how it complies with City requirements regarding planning, stormwater management and tree protection.

February 14, 2019

NDC submitted plans for the Montgomery County Development Review. On February 14, 2019,  the County accepted the application and the documents have been posted on the Development Activity Information Center on their website for Application # 120190150 and #820190090.

January 31, 2019:

The submission by Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) of the plans for the Takoma Junction project is completed and will likely become public in early February. As part of the expected back-and-forth between NDC and the Montgomery County plan reviewers, additional detailed plan information has been requested and provided. Because the submission does not include the sources of planned transferable development rights (TDRs) to allow the building to be the size proposed in the plans, the County requested information on how the building would be designed if transferable development rights (TDRs) were not able to be obtained. Part of the submission, therefore, is an additional plan showing a building of a smaller size, with the reduction in square footage taken from the rear of the building. Both the plan approved by the City Council and the smaller building design will be reviewed by the County Development Review Committee. The City Manager’s full statement.

January 2019

As part of the Takoma Junction redevelopment, Neighborhood Development Company, the partner for the City’s project, submitted a combined preliminary plan/site plan application to Montgomery County in January 2019. The application and the documents have been posted on the Development Activity Information Center  for Application # 120190150 and #820190090.

Project Timeline
  • 2020
    Montgomery County development review approval of site plan
  • January 2019
    Site Plan submitted to Montgomery County for development review
  • July 25, 2018
    Approval of Site Plan
  • October 25, 2017
    Approval of Concept Plan
  • July 27, 2016
    Approval of Development Agreement
  • April 13, 2015
    Selection of development partner
  • January 2014
    Release of Request for Proposals
Takoma Junction Development Process: Where are we now?

Click on the image to see an enlarged version.

This visual depiction of the Takoma Junction development process was designed by Takoma Park resident, Bill Kules, in coordination with City staff.
Project  Costs

$89,630 (Legal fees – July 2015 to present)
$42,500 (Traffic Study – 2018)
$  5,000 (Mediation between NDC and TPSS Co-op – 2018)

Project Schedule

Detailed Project Schedule: Updated March 16, 2020

Council Decisions

July 25, 2018
Council discussed and voted on a Resolution authorizing NDC to submit the Takoma Junction Site Plan to the Montgomery County Planning. Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Resolution.

November 29, 2017
Council discussed and voted on a Single Reading Ordinance Authorizing a Contract to Augment the Traffic Study for the Takoma Junction Redevelopment. The City study includes traffic generated by the Hospital, the Community Center, and cut-through traffic, among other things. Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Presentation Slides; Ordinance

October 25, 2017
Council passed a Resolution regarding the Neighborhood Development Concept Plan. Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Resolution

January 11, 2017
Council passed a Resolution authorizing NDC to seek a Letter of Intent with a new anchor tenant for the Takoma Junction  project.  Agenda; Video of Council Meeting;  Presentation Slides; Resolution.

December 7, 2016
Council passed a Resolution granting a 30-day extension period for the Letter of Intent between NDC and the TPSS Co-op.  Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Resolution.

July 27, 2016
Council passed a Resolution authorizing execution of the  Development Agreement and a Resolution establishing the Community Consultation Process Advisory Committee.  Agenda; Video of Council Meeting; Development Agreement.

April 13, 2015
Council passed a resolution authorizing the initiation of negotiations with Neighborhood Development Company, LLC for the redevelopment of the City lot at the Takoma Junction. Resolution.

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