Takoma Junction Redevelopment

About the Takoma Junction Redevelopment

The Takoma Junction City-owned parking lot is slated for redevelopment to revitalize the commercial area. The Takoma Park City Council selected the team of Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) for the project. NDC and Council have negotiated a Development Agreement,  establishing a framework for the overall project, identifying the actions that will be required to proceed with the planned development, and reaffirming Council’s expectations regarding the nature of the development.

 Current Project Status

September 27, 2017: NDC will present the concept plan to the City Council (rolling agenda). Documents will be posted when available.

The City and NDC solicited community input in February and March 2017 on specific design elements for the Takoma Junction redevelopment project through public meetings and an on-line survey. The surveys were designed to mirror the community meetings on form, character and retail as well as public realm, access and mobility. NDC and Streetsense reviewed the feedback received,  summarized the input, and presented to Council on May 10, 2017. The presentation slides for the public meetings and the Council meeting are available in the column on the right, under 2017 Updates.

Community Consultation Process Advisory Committee

The City Council appointed the Community Consultation Process Advisory Committee to help facilitate community input and feedback at critical stages of the Takoma Junction development project. The Committee served from July 2016 to April 2017.

Project Lead & Contact Info

Rosalind Grigsby
Community Development Coordinator
Phone: 301-891-7205


Project Info & Timeline

  • Current target completion date: 2020
    • Project initiation date: 2014 — January
    • Project Schedule: updated June 2017
    • Original target completion date: 2019
  • Takoma Park’s role in project: Lead
  • Departments involved: Housing & Community Development

Budget & Funding Source

Budget: $80,000 for legal fees
Funding source: General funds

Links & Notes

Updates about the City Council process are presented below in reverse chronological order, from the release of the request for proposals in January 2014 to the present.

Development Agreement

2017 Updates

May 10 – Council Meeting
Presentation of Summary Results of the Takoma Junction Community Consultation Feedback.  Agenda, video, slides.

March 9 and 12 – Community Meetings

Two identical meetings looked at the topics of the public realm and access and mobility. View the Takoma Junction meeting presentation slides. The meetings were well attended by over 85 people representing all wards of the City.

February 23 and 26 – Community Meetings

Two identical meetings looked at the topics of form and character with market and retail ideas. View the Takoma Junction meeting  presentation slides. The meetings were well attended by almost 100 people representing all wards of the City.

January 11 – Council Meeting
Council held a work session and voting session related to Section 4 “Co-op” of the Development Agreement between NDC and the City of Takoma Park. Council passed a resolution authorizing NDC to seek a Letter of Intent with another anchor tenant for the Takoma Junction project.    Agenda, VideoResolution and slides.

For earlier updates, please see Takoma Junction – History and Timeline

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