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Takoma Junction Redevelopment

About the Takoma Junction Redevelopment

The Takoma Junction City-owned parking lot is slated for redevelopment. Following a lengthy solicitation and evaluation process, the City Council selected Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) for the project. The Development Agreement, executed by the City and NDC in August 2016, establishes the framework for the project and identifies the actions required to proceed with the planned development. The City’s goals are for the project to:

  • act as a stimulus to the commercial district and locally-owned, independent businesses; 
  • improve the aesthetic appeal of the district; and
  • be contextually sensitive and environmentally sustainable.

Information on the process for completing the project is included in the Development Calendar.

Mediation between Neighborhood Development Company and TPSS Co-op

The Council offered to pay for mediation between  Neighborhood Development Company and TPSS Co-op. Mayor Kate Stewart’s letter, May 24, 2018.

Opportunity to Comment on Project

Community members are encouraged to provide comment on the planned redevelopment. Written comments for the record should be submitted online for distribution to the City Council and posting on the website. Of course, comments can always be sent directly to Councilmembers. There is also an opportunity for public comment during the City Council meetings.

Interested in reading the comments we receive? In addition to being forwarded to the City Council, comments are  compiled and posted online. View comments.

Site Plan Information – 2018

April 4 – Public Presentation of the Takoma Junction Site Plan

The Neighborhood Development Company (NDC) and members of its team presented the COMBINED SITE PLAN to the public and the City Council. Video of Presentation and Discussion

April 11 –Work Session “Building Design and Placement on the Property”

This Council Work Session focused on the exterior design of the building, its “massing” or shape and the space it occupies, and its placement on the property, including architectural features such as the roof line, windows and entrances, materials and set-back. “Building Design and Placement” – Presentation Slides; Video of Presentation and Discussion

April 18 – Work Session “Public Space and Sustainability Features”

This Council Work Session discussion focused on the public realm and the public gathering opportunities which would be created as a result of the development. Sustainability features including design elements such as the proposed green roof, planned landscaping and other site features, and options promoting walking and biking were discussed. “Public Space and Sustainability Features” – Presentation Slides; Video of Presentation and Discussion

April 23 – Presentation of Takoma Junction Traffic Studies

On April 23, the Council heard a presentation on the preliminary findings and recommendations of the traffic studies commissioned by the City and the Neighborhood Development Company (NDC). City of Takoma Park Traffic Study Presentation Slides (AMT); NDC Traffic Study Presentation Slides (The Traffic Group); Video of Presentations and Discussion

April 25 – Work Session “Traffic and Circulation”

This Council Work Session discussion focused on vehicular and pedestrian circulation patterns and the potential impact of the project on existing traffic conditions. Specific discussion points included vehicular access to/from the site, pedestrian pathways, on-site parking facilities, and operational issues such as the delivery of goods and trash removal. Options for the mitigation of current traffic and pedestrian safety concerns identified during the City’s traffic study were discussed. City of Takoma Park Traffic Study Presentation Slides (AMT – updated April 25, 2018); NDC Traffic Study Presentation Slides (The Traffic Group – Supplemental April 25, 2018); NDC Service Corridor Presentation Slides;  Video of Presentations and Discussion

May 16 – Work Session “Non-traffic Issues”

During this Work Session discussion, the City Council focused on key areas of concern and trade-offs related to the site plan. Video of Council Meeting; Council Handouts

May 23 – Work Session  “Non-traffic Issues”

The City Council continued its May 16 discussion during this worksession. Video of Council Meeting

 June 20 – Report on Takoma Junction Traffic Studies

The City Council will hear presentations about the two traffic studies completed for the Junction. Agenda

Recent Correspondence

The City Manager sent a letter to the TPSS Co-op on June 8, 2018 notifying them of the termination of their Land License Agreement effective August 31, 2018.

NDC submitted a letter to the City Council on June 5, 2018 in support of the Council’s focus on addressing racial equity.

A revised  project schedule has been approved by  the City Manager conditionally, with a letter (March 2, 2018) clarifying the roles of staff and Council in the process.

NDC submitted a letter to the City Council on October 17, 2017 in response to public comments regarding the concept plan.

The City Manager sent a letter to the TPSS Co-op on October 18, 2017 requesting information about how the Co-op will be addressing the issues it has raised during the discussion of the planned development.

Co-op General Manager sent a letter on October 25. 2017 in response to some of the questions raised by the City Manager.

Frequently Asked Questions

In response to community discussion and questions, the following documents have been prepared. The information will be updated periodically as needed.

Council and City Manager Blog

Guest Blog

Racial Equity

Project and Process Information

Project Schedule

Development Calendar:  March 26, 2018
Detailed Project Schedule: February 26, 2018

Project  Costs

$89,630 (Legal fees – July 2015 to present)
$42,500 (Traffic Study – 2018)

Redevelopment Documents

First Amendment of Ground Lease, June 2018

Development Agreement and Ground Lease, July 2016
Request for Proposals, January 2014

Site Plan Information

Combined Site Plan, April 4, 2018 
Site Plan on Topographical Map with Plat, May 23, 2018

Building Design and Placement, April 11, 2018

Public Space and Sustainability, April 18, 2018

Traffic Studies

A. Morton Thomas – Takoma Junction Traffic Study, June 2018

A. Morton Thomas – Traffic Study Presentation, April 23, 2018

A. Morton Thomas – Traffic Study Presentation, Rev April 25, 2018


The Traffic Group – Traffic Study Impact Analysis, June 2018

The Traffic Group – Traffic Study Presentation, Rev April 25, 2018

The Traffic Group – Traffic Study Presentation, April 23, 2018


Environmental Assessments

Environmental Assessment Phase 2, May 2013
Environmental Assessment Phase 1, Nov 2012

Community Engagement Schedule, 2018

April 4 – Presentation: Takoma Junction Combined Site Plan
April 7 – Takoma Junction Open House
April 11 – Work Session: Building Design & Placement on Site
April 18 – Work Session: Public Space & Sustainability Features
April 22 – Takoma Junction Pop-Up
April 25 – Work Session: Traffic & Circulation
May 16 – Work Session: Certain Non-Traffic Issues
May 23 – Work Session: Non-Traffic Issues
June 20 – Report on Takoma Junction Traffic Studies

Community Consultation Process Advisory Committee

The City Council appointed the Takoma Junction Community Consultation Process Advisory Committee to help facilitate community input and feedback at critical stages of the project. The Committee served from July 2016 to April 2017.

Council Decisions

April 13, 2015
Council passed a resolution authorizing the initiation of negotiations with Neighborhood Development Company, LLC for the redevelopment of the City lot at the Takoma Junction. Resolution.

July 27, 2016
Council passed a Resolution authorizing execution of the  Development Agreement and a Resolution establishing the Community Consultation Process Advisory Committee.  Council Agenda and VideoDevelopment Agreement.

December 7, 2016
Council passed a resolution granting a 30-day extension period for the Letter of Intent between NDC and the TPSS Co-op.  AgendaVideo, and Resolution.

January 11, 2017
Council passed a resolution authorizing NDC to seek a Letter of Intent with a new anchor tenant for the Takoma Junction  project.  Agenda, Video,  Resolution, and slides.

October 25, 2017 —  Council Meeting
Council passed a resolution regarding the Neighborhood Development Concept Plan. Council agenda , video and Resolution

November 29, 2017 — Council Meeting
Council discussed and voted on a Single Reading Ordinance Authorizing a Contract to Augment the Traffic Study for the Takoma Junction Redevelopment. The City study includes traffic generated by the Hospital, the Community Center, and cut-through traffic, among other things. Council agendavideoslides, ordinance

Chronology of Council and Community Meetings

A chronology of the Takoma Junction Redevelopment process,  including Council meetings, presentations, public events and community input, from the release of the Request for Proposals in January 2014 to the current year,  is available at the webpage:  Takoma Junction — History and Timeline. 

Project Lead & Contact Info

Housing and Community Development
Phone: 301-891-7119
Email: planning@takomaparkmd.gov

Takoma Junction Redevelopment Sections